EconCore’s continuous honeycomb panel production technology consists of feeding (by direction extrusion or pre-extruded flat film/sheet), vacuum forming of the film/sheet to a half-hexagonal “half honeycomb” pattern, folding of the pattern to a technical honeycomb core structure, and bonding of skin materials onto the honeycomb core to make sandwich panels. This high speed in line process, allow to realize products at minimal cost, minimal weight, and minimal environmental impact. Also, the still air within the honeycomb cells enhances thermal insulation and the honeycomb structure serves to improve acoustic absorption.

The honeycomb structure outperforms performances of all others low-density cores. Its versatility allows to use a wide range of core materials in addition to polyolefins (PP and PE), from thermoplastics to thermoplastic composites reinforced with glass, carbon, or natural fibers and metals including steel and aluminum.

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