Texte AlternatifThe constraint was for Charbonneaux-Brabant’s to respect on one hand, the production of vinegar as food product, leveraging PET packaging processes that are very similar to those for edible oils, sauces, and dressings ; on the other hand, white vinegar as a home care product has a high acidity that affects equipment structure and process. The new Sidel line running at 23,000 bottles / hour with an efficiency of 90% as met all this requirements. The Sidel Matrix™ Combi, helps to reduce the footprint and operational costs. Equipped with a vacuum system on top of the filler, it is capable to suck in acid steam to avoid the development of corrosion on the blowing part.

Texte AlternatifTo answer an highly flexible production, Sidel has also supplied a cold glue labeller, an overwrapping solution for the secondary packaging (a continuous packer for complete wrap-around blanks running at 37.5 case/min and a shrink-wrapper, delivering the bottles in shrink-film packs) and for the end-of-line a layer-by-layer palletizer. Lastly, the line also includes dry-lube conveyors and the whole operation control and traceability system with marking, check weighting, case printing, as well as pack & pallet labelling.

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