Texte AlternatifOver the past three years, Sanner has achieved an increase in sales of over 30% in the U.S. In the same period, Sanner of India even doubled its turnover, while the rest of the Asian market, including China, recorded an increase of around 30%.

“We remain very strongly positioned in our core desiccant packaging business. At the same time, we are also ideally equipped for sales growth in customer-specific solutions and medtech products. Topics such as connectivity, medication adherence and sustainability will play a major role for Sanner in the future". In the coming years, the company plans to invest between 30 and 40 million euros in infrastructure, automation and product developments. For instance, Sanner is developing new products for inhalation and respiratory tract analysis aided by sensor technology. In parallel, the company is realizing customized DPIs (dry-powder inhalers), above all for the Asian market.

Texte AlternatifThe Active Packaging core business will be further intensified with the Atmo Guard System®, while Sanner addresses sustainability by working on alternative plastic materials. At the headquarters in Bensheim, investments in machine modernization were already made in 2016. The next step is due this year: the implementation of a new ME system as the basis for further digitization. In China, the construction of a second plant is planned for 2020.

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