As with automation in its site in Becchofen (Germany), the company rely on the same testing procedures and on local partners for first-class formulations. The advantages for its customers: a faster market launch through the optimized performance of applicators and standard tools. Geka Elgin, will this, soon have full-service production in the areas of production and decoration, including bottling. Starting in september, hot foil printing machines will be used to decorate complex, square bottles for lip gloss. The machine system has an inline image processing system which can fully check the print quality of the product. Two brand-new BBS standard packaging types will also be available from 2019 - a mini mascara and a travel-size lip gloss.

Geka Fully Finished business has seen such high demand that it has become a real advantage that its customers have only one point of contact when a product is launched, throughout the entire production chain. With Elgin, the supplier can develop, produce, decorate and fill the cosmetic units, at one location, eliminating long transportation times from Germany. Speed to market becoming a must in the cosmetic industry.

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