Texte AlternatifFor a Turkish watermelon manufacturer, its unique stackable shape not only facilitates the transport and storage steps (50% more products can be stacked in the trucks), but also improves the presentation of products. The box is delivered with a transport handle, and its window gives a glimpse of the product inside. Additionally, shelf appeal is boosted significantly thanks to a larger printing area. For Mondigroup, the cardboard solution overcomes three design challenges for fresh produce packaging at one. The first is durability and food waste since the packaging limits the risk of fresh products perishing or being damaged during transit. The customer has reduced waste throughout its supply chain by 13%. The second challenge is to provide efficient transport, storage and display, all in one solution. Supermarkets currently use plastic trays, octabins or other corrugated containers, which are unattractive, bulky, non-stackable in trucks, and are not a nomadic transport solution to the home. The third challenge is increased product visibility. Fresh products are frequently sold completely “naked”, which reduces the opportunities for branding.

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