Texte AlternatifHenkel has partnered with its supplier Ampacet, a global masterbatch producer, to implement an innovative solution for fully recyclable black plastic packaging. The new packaging material is based on an alternative, carbon-free black color, allowing used bottles to be returned to the value chain. This new color has been used for the first time in black plastic bottles produced by Greiner Packaging to contain Bref toilet cleaning products.

The plastics experts tested the new material before giving it the green light. The new material from Henkel and Ampacet has already proven itself in test runs under real-world conditions. Cyclos-HTP -a German institute specializing in the classification, evaluation, and certification of packaging and product recyclability - has confirmed that the carbon-free black color is effective in undecorated bottles.

Tests performed by Henkel also verified that the bottle is completely identifiable following removal of the perforated sleeve, which means it can be sorted from the waste stream and subsequently recycled.

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