Texte AlternatifThe project involved multiple models of Rovema’s BVC Flexible Machines, a continuous motion vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) unit that, in addition to the Doy-style bags Hershey’s desired, also can produce pillow, gusseted and quad bags with or without zippers.

Rovema’s BVC Flexible Machine series – for bag widths of 260 or 400 mm – was developed with the goal to make a Doy-style bag on a VFFS unit as appealing as those produced by their HFFS counterparts, while offering companies the inherent advantages of VFFS machines such as reduced operating cost, heightened flexibility and decreased equipment footprint. The BVC Flexible machine attributes include:

• Product Stripping for a better fill ratio: the seal jaws gently push product further into the bag, ensuring a clean sealing area.
• Sense and Seal™ product detection, which prevents damage of cutting knife and seal jaw being and increases uptime – particularly interesting for wrapped products.
• Premium Seal™, offering increased sealed seam quality, even when processing challenging, multilayer packaging materials. The sealing medium is preheated prior to final sealing of the package.

Texte AlternatifIn addition to Rovema’s equipment and expertise helping to develop and produce innovative bag styles, Hershey’s project team also valued Rovema’s ability to deliver multiple machines in a short time period, and its commitment to provide onsite support to multiple locations simultaneously. This helped ensure a smooth vertical start-up for Hershey’s product launch across a wide variety of products. In fact, Rovema went so far as to relocate a service technician to the Hershey area to provide the tightest-possible response time for any concerns or training requirements.

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