Texte AlternatifThis is to develop programs to give customers better control over their manufacturing processes and to let them transform monitoring data into value added solutions for the customers themselves. “At a time when services are increasingly more important than the actual product a company makes, we want to offer our customers a complete solution to let them interface with just one person, when they are looking for the best possible advice, installation and after-sales service,” said Stefano Nanni, CEO at Sitma (photo).

Texte Alternatif

To achieve this, the company launched Co-Ware, a cooperative platform which gives efficient supervision of automated parts. The software architecture designed by Sitma is an extremely useful tool in aiding companies gauge how their resources are allocated. It can also be used to help organize the overall logistics of all in internal supplies or products throughout manufacturing, from start to finish. And finally, it can be used to manage individual workstations and systems.

Sitma’s advanced software may be used everywhere in the e-Logistics sector, as in all of its main pillars, including door-to-door and packaging. In packaging, Sitma has recently finished designing the most up-to-date version of its operator panel. This optimizes even further the operator/machine interface, something so vital to Industry 4.0. Becoming more and more intuitive and user-friendly, the system must provide access to the most advanced operating functionalities, such as machine fault-finding and the re-ordering of spare parts.