The company was especially won over by the combination of high product safety, visual appeal, and sustainability: upon request, the base of the Ecocraft Skin can employ a combination of FSC-certified paper and extremely thin plastic film. The high percentage (70%) of renewable raw material (paper) reduces the percentage of plastic to a minimum. In addition, after use, consumers can easily separate the paper and plastic for recycling.

Texte AlternatifAnother unique feature of the new concept facilitated this rapid implementation: the Ecocraft Skin is provided to customers on a roll and can be used on all standard skin thermoforming machines, with only minimal adjustments. “This makes the transition easy and appealing,” says Melanie Maucher, responsible product manager at Südpack. “Switching to Ecocraft Skin packaging requires absolutely minimal investments in adapting customers’ current thermoforming machines. That sets our solution apart from virtually every other comparable concept on the market”.

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