Texte AlternatifThe new 10-cavity HDPE electric blow molding equipment will be dedicated to producing HDPE industrial round gallon containers with gram weights from 108 to 103 grams, in support of the growing demand from households and industrial chemical market. In addition, this new equipment offers a fully automated bagging and bulk packaging functionality, which provides flexibility to the end-user. Since Pretium Packaging acquired Patrick Products in 2017, the company has invested over $6 million in machines and infrastructure to support this “consistently growing market”. The company has installed three new work centers, including this latest 10-cavity machine, invested in inspection systems, downstream automation equipment, and worked to build inventory levels needed to support customers and overall expansion. “We are pleased to say it is now in operation and we have inventory available,” says Lawrence Monroe, director of sales - household and industrial chemical market segment. Today, Pretium Packaging manufactures similar extrusion blow molding lines in 15 of its 19 locations, and with this new line, the Leipsic plant has 26 extrusion blow molding machines.

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