Texte AlternatifWhen PP cups have any remnants of aluminum lids, they must be removed from the recycling stream. CPPeel lidding film used in conjunction with a cup made of PP makes the entire packaging solution 100% recyclable. PP lids also take less energy to manufacture and provide puncture resistance that helps lower food losses. This film is achieving worldwide recognition for its ability to improve food packaging and sustainability. Profol was named the winner of the German Sustainability Award in November 2019, for its CPPeel lidding solutions, reducing by 76% CO2 emissions versus aluminum foil lids. The universal sealant layer of CPPeel will seal to a wide range of materials including PP, polystyrene, and PET. PP does not react with lactic acid and allows the use of metal detectors in food packaging processes. The surface of PP lids also allows bright, crisp graphics to boost product appeal on supermarket shelves.

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