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Affected employees have been informed and other operations at the Leuna plant will not be impacted by the move. The difficult decision was reached as a result of global overcapacity for nylon films. Attilio Annoni, Managing Director at DFS states: “In these extraordinary circumstances of high business volatility, we have opted to continue to focus on quality and flexibility through cautious and smart asset management, rather than reacting with short-term volume strategies.” With the acquisition of Solvay’s European PA66 business at the beginning of this year, Domo Chemicals has become a leading integrated Nylon 6 and 66 player worldwide. Despite the current market slowdown, which is affecting the automotive and other industrial segments served by Domo’s “Polymers & Intermediates” and “Engineering Materials” units, the company remains on course to achieve its global growth objectives.

These include, among others, the continued development of sustainable solutions for customers, in accordance with the highest corporate, social and environmental responsibility standards. Domo’s Nylon Film business remains a key asset. It forms an integral part of the supply chains related to segments such as pharmaceuticals, medical, and food packaging, which have all proven to be so essential during the COVID-19 period. “We continue to focus on flexibility and competitiveness, and have not been impacted in how we support our customers in successfully meeting current and future market challenges with specialized and sustainable solutions. As ever we will continue to partner with our customers in developing and supplying nylon films for high performing and sustainable flexible packaging structures,” Annoni concludes.

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