Texte Alternatif“Companies work hard to create brands that connect with their customers. They select every detail of their customer’s journey using specific messaging, visuals, music, brand ambassadors – even social causes. However, many carefully cultivated brands selling through e-commerce deliver a generic parcel that lacks the brand differentiation that resonates with consumers. By packing with Inspyre paper, brand owners can harness the power of visual customization and wow their customers with an unforgettable unboxing experience,” said Dache Davidson, vice president of marketing, Pregis.

A study conducted by research firm Package InSight revealed custom branded paper had a significant impact on how participants valued both products and brands. Products packaged in branded tissue paper had a 24% higher perceived value than generic packaging. Brand impressions improved by 86%, brand recall increased by 40% and the likelihood of sharing on social media rose by 64% when participants unboxed products packed with custom branded tissue paper.

Inspyre paper is available in 10- and 20-inch wide paper bundles and comes in a wide variety of stock colors. Custom artwork is also available for specific branding and designs. Further, consumers can keep the colorful paper for downstream use or recycle in their local municipality’s paper recycling stream. The companion Quantum system loads in seconds and features a patented bladeless tear-assist to cleanly and effortlessly cut paper. “Pregis donates a portion of its Inspyre portfolio sales to Uzima®, a charity that provides clean drinking water to some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Using Inspyre offers brands a way to not only look good, but to also do good,” Davidson said.

Ideal applications for Inspyre paper include upscale retail, subscription box services, consumer electronics, health & beauty, apparel, home goods, pet supply, sport and fitness, home goods, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and others.

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