Texte AlternatifThat’s why Crown Europe worked with colour and material designer and trend forecaster Laura Perryman to create new packaging concepts and exciting new products that will resonate with consumers. The first outcome is a gifting tin with raw tactility aspect illustrating the Human Nature trend. The authentic concept tin focuses on the beauty of difference within the environmental landscape. It appeals to the next generation of eco-conscious consumers seeking to purchase goods that take greater care of the environment. From a diverse colour palette, the inks create an oxidized mineral effect, giving the appearance of natural weathering over time. Debossing effects have been added to the lower section of the package’s body, lending a hand-carved appearance. The contrasting lid, designed to look like stone and featuring a matt texture, demonstrates how metal can support opaque designs. The package’s triangular construction and rounded edges are differentiating on-shelf and make the tin easier to grip.

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