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The EBITDA reached € 111.1 million, representing a margin on revenue of 19.5%. The year was characterized by growth in all business areas and high value-added products. Specifically, there was a good performance in ready-to-fill sterilized glass containers (EZ-fill®). During 2019, the company made significant investments in the construction of the new syringe production plant at the Piombino Dese headquarters, which will operate at full capacity in 2021. Besides, construction works of the Technology Excellence Center - US TEC, in Boston started, and the center will be inaugurated next September. It will offer analytical services that study the container closure integrity and the integration of the closure system into drug delivery systems. Stevanato Group's industrial plan for the next four years (2020-2023) foresees a sustained growth in terms of margins and turnover, the latter in a percentage significantly higher than that of the pharmaceutical market, which is estimated at around 5% per year.

The Group will focus on the continuous development of high value-added glass primary packaging such as the EZ-fill® platform, closure and safety systems for syringes - Integrated Tip Cap (ITC) and Integrated Safety System (ISS) respectively, and high-performance syringes (SG Nexa® and SG Alba®). It will also focus on plastic systems for diagnostics, proprietary, and licensed drug delivery systems, inspection machines of filled containers, and highly automated assembly equipment for medical devices. Growth continues to be steady in all geographical areas, and the Group's presence will continue to increase in the field of biological products.

The plan includes a significant investment program of almost €400 million over the four years. More than half will be devoted to expanding production for the EZ-fill® platform. At the same time, significant amounts will be allocated to research and development programs for the manufacture of drug delivery systems - proprietary, licensed, and for third parties. In this framework, there are the exclusive licensing agreements signed in 2019 with two major players in the medical sector, Duoject Medical Systems, and Haselmeier, for the production of Maverick™ (emergency-use auto-injector) and SG Alina™ (pen injector for the diabetes treatment), respectively. Further examples are SG EZ-be POD® (a proprietary wearable device for the diabetes treatment) and ICOCap® (a licensed inhaler for asthma and COPD).

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