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Together with CEO Carsten Strenger, the management team at the company's headquarters in Heilbronn is well positioned. The focus at Illig is even more on customer proximity and market-oriented products. "We are consistently pursuing the path of efficient operational process design in order to be even closer to the customer," explains the new CSO/CTO. Structurally, the management continues to focus the company on sustainable solutions, in line with the megatrend Circular Economy, which perfectly serve the needs of global markets. "The challenges in view of the worldwide uncertainty in the markets due to the ongoing plastics discussion and the economic impact of the Corona pandemic, are clearly defined," the management duo agrees: the aim is to respond in a highly flexible and strategically focused manner to customer requirements derived from global market conditions.

With the customized packaging development Pactivity® and the tool development Toolsys®, Illig develops the solutions of tomorrow for customers. With Circular Thinking, the company supports the economic closed-loop concept and clearly defines sustainability goals: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renew and Separate. "Illig tools, production and packaging systems are flexible in terms of materials. They process biodegradable plastics, recycled goods, plastic-cardboard combinations or post-consumer films in a process-safe manner, even up to pure cardboard applications," Lochner concludes.

JĂĽrgen Lochner studied engineering in the field of plastics and rubber technology. He brings with him the best prerequisites for his new task at Illig thanks to his many years of international management experience in medium-sized companies and corporate structures. He has held several classic management positions in mechanical and plant engineering, up to and including full responsibility as managing director.

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