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The new Nivea packaging will be phased in at point-of-sale outlets worldwide from June 2021 onwards and make a major contribution to help Beiersdorf reduce its use of fossil-based virgin PP.

The new product is playing into Beiersdorf’s ambitious Sustainable Packaging Targets 2025 to reduce fossil-based, virgin plastic for its cosmetic packaging products by 50%. The new sustainable Nivea jars pay into the Sustainability Agenda Care Beyond Skin, by which the company is targeting a significant reduction of its carbon emissions and environmental footprint. The agenda has set three major packaging goals to be achieved by 2025 as compared to 2019: make all of the group’s packaging 100% refillable, reusable or recyclable; increase the share of recycled materials in plastic packaging to 30%; and reduce the use of fossil-based virgin plastics by 50%.

Moreover, the new Nivea jar is an outstanding example of successful three-way value chain collaboration, accelerating the time from ideation to the retailer shelves. By bringing Sabic to the table to work together with Berry Global, a long and trusted upstream partner of the brand owner for the production of face care packaging, Beiersdorf managed to advance the project from concept to implementation in just nine months.

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