Texte AlternatifThere are 4 pump size options on all EcoStitch melters to fit specific application requirements. Digital Closed Loop Pressure Control is one of the “industry firsts” for food and beverage packaging glue melters. Now you can digitally monitor, adjust and have built in “key to line” adhesive pressure control. Adhesive Usage Data is another innovative feature within the EcoStitch™ melters. When equipped, all EcoStitch™ units monitor and measure the amount of hot melt adhesive being pumped through the system. Using either a customer input trigger or an additional photo-eye, the EcoStitch™ melter does not just calculate how much adhesive you use in a day, per hour or per year. It will show you the average adhesive grams per product directly on the screen. Ethernet IP Communication is available on all EcoStitch™ melters that plug into your existing PLC and be visible/accessible through your existing HMI, to fully control the melting system, pumping system and adjust pressure with this integrated solution. Other features of the EcoStitch™ melters include the rear facing manifold and universal base plate allowing for installation onto almost any existing platform.

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