Texte AlternatifThe multi-layer pouch is accompanied by a hermetic closure system, patented by Lumson, designed and developed as a barrier against external agents, while protecting the formula from possible contamination, thus offering conservation and protection of the product. The TAL tube is a sustainable solution thanks to its aluminum tube, for infinite recyclability and its light size. After use, the consumer is invited to separate the aluminum container from the plastic pouch, to recycle the different parts in an appropriate way. With versatility in customization, the easy-to-decorate aluminum offers a range of decoration and finishing possibilities thanks to the lithographic printing methods used by the company, which can combine up to six colors. For both the mass market and luxury products, the contemporary packaging with its modern and minimalist design is ideal for face and body formulas. Available in three sizes: 50, 75 and 100ml, the tube comes with a matching 500µl Half Moon pump.

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