Texte AlternatifThe packaging material solution made of 75 µm mono-PE achieved an output of 60 pouches per minute in the application test with a heat-sealing process on the Rovema BVC 310 Liquid machine. The output data equates to a filling quantity of 950ccm in a flat bag with a fold-over seam (rapport length 250mm), a typical ketchup packaging for the food service sector. Liquid and pasty products or products preserved in oil or vinegar for the food service sector have one thing in common: They have to be transportable, storable and usable quickly, efficiently and safely. Rovema as a specialist for flexible, vertically produced packaging has taken up this topic and further expanded its competence in the packaging of liquids. The vertically continuous FFS machine BVC 310 Liquid is also available with a fitment option for use in portion dispensers. This hygienic product removal is essential for many system caterers. Even chunky products in brine can be packed in flat pouches in this low-air process. This application is also particularly interesting as a replacement for rigid packaging such as buckets or cans. The clear advantage of the flexible solution is lower packaging material volume and weight. This is an important factor in view of the many sustainability goals of international companies. By using flexible, low-air flow wrapping, customers can optimize their packaging processes and supply chain in a future-proof way – without compromising product shelf life and quality. This is because vertical FFS machines can be quickly and flexibly adapted to changing bag lengths, fill quantities and product changes, and also have a small footprint.

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