Texte AlternatifAs well as a new generation of jars for skincare, it is innovating with semi-standard designs for lipstick, lipgloss and mascara. Thanks to partnerships with plastic injection specialists like Italian company Pibiplast, the group is presenting a full-pack offer, with complementary components that aim for the best makeup results. This skincare and makeup offer benefits from Bormioli Luigi’s capabilities in personalizing glass shapes and decoration, including the application of specific decors or anti-UV protection. Among this new range, the Italian group unveiled, for example, a refillable case for lipstick. This innovative model was designed to be both beautiful and refillable. It offers a choice of systems to hold it in place, made from plastic or metal. This allows the consumer to renew the inner insert containing the bulk when finished, or to change shades at will, keeping the outer pack.

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