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“This acquisition allows us to provide a complete solution set to our customers. The best determinant of a technology product’s value is how much of the customer’s problem it can solve. By combining Digimarc’s unique and advanced means of identification with the pioneer and most advanced supplier of product item business intelligence using any means of identification, we are now uniquely positioned to unlock additional solutions for our customers and enhance their Digimarc journey,” comments Riley McComarck, CEO of Digimarc.

Niall Murphy, co-founder and CEO of EVRYTHNG to add: "Not only are our product solutions and technology competencies directly complementary and naturally connected, but our company values and cultures are deeply aligned, with a focus on executing as a team, committing to audacious goals, and genuine innovation with exceptional talent. We’re excited to join the Digimarc team to meet important customer needs with product data driven solutions.”

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