John Tucker has been working in the paper industry ever since the beginning of his professional career and has a wealth of industry experience. “It is an interesting time in the paper industry as the world moves into a much more sustainable approach going forward, even more so in packaging applications and the value that paper and board can bring,” explains John Tucker. “It is an exciting time to start at Lessebo Paper, as the company develops into the packaging market with a wide portfolio. Be it coloured, white or various embossings, Lessebo Paper has the answer in its uncoated product portfolio”. “We have started to expand our international presence and it is with great pleasure that we now welcome John Tucker to our sales network,” concludes Carina Jensen, Head of Sales and Marketing at Lessebo Paper.

The company has been producing paper since 1693, making it one of the oldest paper manufacturers in Sweden. Lessebo Paper specialises in uncoated, climate friendly papers in a wide range of whites and colours, producing high quality papers for both graphical applications and premium packaging solutions.

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