Texte AlternatifWhile social distancing rules and a reduction in site visits have inevitably impacted on numbers over the past 20 months, the company says it is vital that businesses focus their attention again on in-depth training as a critical part of maintaining the throughput and efficiency of their operations. “For nearly two years, it’s been hard for customers to send operators on courses, or even to invite training onto their premises. And while there’s always a place for remote learning, when it comes to effective tray seal usage and maintenance, there’s no substitute for hands-on practical training,” says Andy Gray, Training Manager at Proseal. “For our customers in the food and other sectors, any gaps in operator or engineer knowledge can have a big impact.” Proseal says the benefits of a comprehensive training programme include reduced downtime and product wastage, and greater performance and reliability of the Proseal equipment, which can lead to increased productivity. A fuller understanding of the seal sealing process, in particular how product contamination affects seal quality, gives trainees confidence in running machines and accurately diagnosing faults.

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