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Performance-wise, the company is also experimenting – again as a result of a specific collaboration with the CNR – with an innovative treatment to make Type II (soda-lime) glass bottles even more resistant, thus ensuring greater stability of the pharmaceutical formulations they will contain.

About sustainability, Bormioli Pharma has recently joined Glass Future, a UK-based project that aims to develop an innovative, low CO2 emission approach to glass production. The project, which will last ten years, will soon see the opening of a pilot furnace in the UK dedicated to the experimentation and application of these technologies.

“This commitment is all the more important in a sector such as pharmaceuticals, where glass must not only contain, but also protect the therapeutic efficacy, and where the constant increase in production requires a serious rethinking of our responsibilities towards the environment," commented Andrea Lodetti, CEO of Bormioli Pharma.

Sustainability is a key pillar for Bormioli Pharma, which has committed to manufacturing 50% of its products using materials with low environmental impact by 2025.

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