Texte AlternatifTotalEnergies will supply Berry Global with Certified Circular Polymers obtained through advanced recycling of post-consumer plastic waste that is otherwise hard to recycle via existing processes. This will help reduce waste and allow Berry Global to use more recycled plastic in its food and beverage packaging as well as healthcare products. Through the processing of circular feedstock in Antwerp’s steam cracker, TotalEnergies’ portfolio of polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene is available as certified material from advanced recycling. TotalEnergies Certified Circular Polymers exhibit virgin-like properties suitable for high-end, demanding applications. Starting in 2023, feedstock from hard-to-recycled plastic waste will be produced in TotalEnergies’ advanced recycling plant to be built on future, zero-crude platform in Grandpuits, France. "This collaboration with our long-time partner Berry Global demonstrates the willingness of the supply chain to make packaging more circular and sustainable, especially for demanding food contact applications where no other circularity solution exists, and paves the way to TotalEnergies’ ambition to produce 30% recycled and renewable polymers by 2030," said Valérie Goff, Senior Vice President, Polymers at TotalEnergies.

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