Texte Alternatif“We are thrilled to launch the new Paris and Shanghai Design Innovation Hubs, that are aligned with our company’s global expansion strategy and ongoing commitment to provide our customers with local service and the latest technologies in packaging, formula and accessories design and innovation. Our core values of sustainability, social responsibility, inclusivity, and diversity, are weaved into all of our company initiatives globally, including at these new locations,” said Josh Kirschbaum, WWP Beauty, CEO. “Our WWP Beauty Design Innovation Hub Shanghai office is a modern space, housed in a recycled ocean container located in a future-focused and highly creative area within Shanghai’s Baoshan District. We chose this location because it is an excellent representation of the company’s mission of building a more clean, inclusive, and sustainable future, and we hope that it inspires our designers and our customers,” said William Jiang, WWP Beauty, APAC Managing Director. “Our seasoned team is so excited to have a creative and inspiring space where we can closely collaborate with our EMEA customers to create solutions for packaging, formulation, and accessories that will become the industry’s next iconic beauty products,” said Benjamin Dop, WWP Beauty, EMEA Managing Director.

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