Texte AlternatifThe two interlocking label layers ensure reliable adhesive strength and readability of the product information. The novel Freeze-Lock label consists of two components: a bottom label and a top label. First, the bottom label layer with a specialty microfine surface texture is applied to the empty, non-refrigerated container at room temperature. Subsequently, the container is filled with the active ingredient and immediately cooled for storage at subzero temperatures of dry ice (-78°C) or liquid nitrogen (-196°C). To mark the frozen container, it is removed from cold storage. The top label layer is dispensed onto it and firmly pressed against the bottom label - a potential layer of ice does not have to be removed. The deep freeze adhesive of the top label combines with the texture of the bottom label and freezes in a matter of seconds. This results in a permanent bond between the label construction and the container that can be returned to storage and transported in frozen condition. Due to the specialty two-component label design and the materials and adhesives used, the Freeze-Lock cryo label reliably adheres to the frozen container, important product information cannot be lost. Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers as well as users in clinical research thus benefit from a customized and efficient marking solution for frozen medications that can be adapted to a wide range of applications.

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