Texte Alternatif

The use of 50% PCR applies to the following Berry Superfos product ranges: SuperCube® Rectangular and Square, SuperLift®, SuperLift® Extra, SuperFlex®, PS Range, EuroFlex, Hobbock and Paintainer®. All of them are robust, space-saving, and user-friendly packaging solutions for non-food products for business-to-business use, as well as for consumers. Importantly the containers also offer a mono-material solution, as they are made solely of PP.

All containers with PCR content retain the well-known high quality and user-appeal of Berry Superfos solutions for efficient use in production, transportation and storage. They can also be decorated using Berry Superfos’s advanced In-Mould Labelling decoration technique, where artwork designs provide the opportunity for companies to promote to end-users that the packaging includes recycled content.

For more than a decade, the company has developed and produced tailor-made containers with PCR content for various applications such as paint, surface coatings, building materials, de-icing salt, fertilizers and other non-food products.

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