Texte Alternatif

The new label combines secure product labeling with state-of-the-art digital tools. The technology deployed here is Leonhard Kurz’s proven Trustseal® Protect. It boasts proprietary security features such as ‘Diffractive Gold’ or ‘Diffractive Red’, making it particularly counterfeit- and tamper-proof. The bridge between physical and digital protection is provided by ValiGate®, Scribos’ security pattern. The intelligent structure behind the QR code on the label gives the code a copy-protected identity. Thanks to a networked digital platform, licensors can easily manage their licenses centrally. Licensees also benefit because they can easily order and receive the product labels they need online. This sustainable on-demand solution supports the establishment of a trusting business relationship and keeps costs for licensors and licensees low. The digital platform also allows licensors to compare order quantities and sales reports, providing full transparency.

With the help of the new solution, licensors build trust with end users by offering them a simple and reliable way to verify the authenticity of a product: ValiGate® gives direct feedback after scanning the product with a smartphone. In addition, manufacturers can use the QR code to implement various interaction options or bonus programs for their customers, thus creating a unique experience for consumers and fans.

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