From 1995-2015, Claudio Radossi had served as MG America’s Director of Sales, before departing to take ownership of EMSE Corporation, a leader in medical air and vacuum systems for healthcare facilities. He is returning to MG America after a seven-year term as President of EMSE, which is also based in Fairfield, NJ.

MG America was established in 1987 by MG2 and Fabio Trippodo, who had been an employee of MG2 since 1975, was named President by Ernesto Gamberini, President of MG2 in Bologna, Italy. Under Trippodo’s stewardship and backed by the constant support and strong reputation of the MG2 brand, the company steadily grew to become a respected leader in the pharmaceutical manufacturing space, providing a range of processing and packaging equipment to customers across North America.

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