Texte Alternatif

The dropper can be disposed of in full in the plastic recyclable bin, as all the components are recycled together. As a bonus they are all produced with PCR materials, the bulb, the collar and the pipette. Droppers where the production CO2 emissions are reduced, as well as the waste generated after their use since they are fully recyclable.

Virospack offers a wide spectrum of dropper models with all components produced with a high percentage of PCR, recycled and recyclable materials. PCR droppers that add to the available options of glass bottles also including PCR. The group, always controlling the entire production chain, has been working from the beginning on the development of sustainable materials, as well as more efficient production technologies and new designs that allow us to recycle manufacturing. All the PCR droppers are fully customizable to respond, also with sustainable articles, to the brand´s desire for differentiation.

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