Texte AlternatifThe company said it is one year into a three-year, €45m expansion of its facilities at Champ-sur-Drac, France. Enhancements include five new logistical buildings covering more than 8,700 square meters, a new automated warehouse, and an additional high-speed, state-of-the art hotmelt adhesive coater, scheduled to come online during 2024. At its Luxembourg facility specializing in labels made with acrylic emulsion adhesives, the company has undertaken a €15m project to redesign operational flow and add a new emulsion speciality coater. The coater is expected to come online during the first quarter of 2023. The expansions at both Luxembourg and Champs-sur-Drac will enhance the reliability of service for customers by strengthening the company’s already robust network of manufacturing plants and distribution centers across Europe.

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