Texte Alternatif

Perfect for eco-conscious brands, BellaGiada's range adds to the variety of sustainable packaging solutions increasingly becoming available that will still deliver that all important premium look and feel.

BellaGiada will also be demonstrating how their European design team works in harmony with their manufacturing operations to deliver eye-catching creative packaging, supported by outstanding customer service and unrivalled supply chain efficiency. The company will also be launching its new European customer services and design hub, while showcasing the benefits of their direct to manufacturer services for the region.

As a new name in the UK and European market for the design and supply of highly innovative and exquisite packaging solutions for leading global brands, BellaGiada has their primary manufacturing facility located in Guangdong Province, China. The company can provide a unique factory direct operation that delivers cost benefits against competitors without compromising on quality and design. A further four secondary production facilities provides the business with an international reach and a total global production capacity across all product types of 184,000 packs per day. All five production facilities maintain absolute trademark luxury standards, while using the highest quality raw materials and state-of-the-art production equipment.

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