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“With hybrid machines, in order to achieve the high injection performance, the pump that charges the accumulator consumes approximately 50% of the overall energy used to power every cycle. By replacing the conventional pump with a servo pump, we can now maintain the same performance but consume significantly less power," explains Arnaud Nomblot, Director Business Development Packaging. As with the new PAC-E machine, cleanliness is optimised through the introduction of a fully-enclosed toggle lever.

Initially, the El-Exis SP Servo series will be expanded in the medium clamping force range, comprising 250 to 420 tons. Larger clamp force machines will subsequently follow. Exhibiting the machine’s speed and sustainability credentials to visitors at K 2022, the El-Exis SP 420 Servo on the main Sumitomo (SHI) Demag stand will demonstrate in a six second cycle time the production of 500-gram butter and margarine containers, featuring IML, using a 4+4 stack mould supplied by Bazigos (Greece).

Rather than using virgin polymer, for the El-Exis SP 420 Servo demonstrations Borealis (Austria) presents a fully recyclable material from the "Bornewables" portfolio that doesn’t compromise on performance. Demonstrating the viability of selecting circular PP solutions for packaging and the significant contribution that this can make towards reducing CO2 emissions. Other likeminded ecological partners include label supplier Karydakis (Greece), with Campetella (Italy) providing the IML and side removal automation.

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