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Extensive trials with Sabic LLDPE BX202 resin on a pilot film manufacturing line at JSW’s Extrusion Technology Center in Hiroshima have demonstrated the excellent performance of the material. It combines processability with good mechanical and optical properties, including clear transparency and twice the impact strength, puncture resistance, tensile strength and stiffness compared to conventional blown PE film of equal thickness. This means that Sabic’s material offers significant potential for further down-gauging and corresponding reductions in weight, material consumption and carbon emissions. At potential packaging material reductions of up to 50% vs. incumbent blown PE film, this also translates into potentially higher line speeds with shorter cooling times, maximizing the productivity of applications.

Furthermore, the mono-PE material enhances the recyclability of final flexible packaging applications at the end of their lifespan without compromising the integrity of the packaged products such as frozen food, fruit and vegetable packaging applications. Sabic’s TF-BOPE polymer is also available in certified circular as well as certified renewable grades from Trucircle™ portfolio.

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