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Beginning production in 2017, the Indian site is an important local hub for Airnov serving what is a growing national and regional market. It will also prove critical in meeting future growth in demand for Airnov’s healthcare packaging solutions. Shrikar Trikannad, Head of sales India at Airnov, commented: “We continue to see great promise in the Indian market, which is proving very receptive to the pioneering products that we are able to bring to customers. As we look ahead to the next five years, India will continue to play a key role in our business planning.”

To showcase this presence in the Indian market, Airnov exhibited at CPHI 2022 in India, a large panel of innovations. In particular, guests discovered a range of products. These include:

• HAT®-B: Airnov’s latest innovative vial, is designed to limit carbon footprints with an optimized amount of plastic. They contain an adjustable desiccant quantity and incorporate versatile sorbent materials to fit stability requirements. The vial, suitable for the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and nutraceutical markets, is available in two sizes and is compatible with existing filling lines.
• EQius®: Airnov’s equilibrium relative humidity stabilizers are sorbent products that can maintain a specific required humidity level in pharmaceuticals. They are particularly designed to protect dry powder inhalers, gelatine capsules, and gummies. The development of Airnov’s EQius portfolio will help customers’ control relative humidity from 10% to 95%, and meet specific needs for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets.
• Laser marked canisters: These canisters use laser technology to create visible marks on the canister body without inks, varnishes, adhesives, and other extraneous materials for a more sustainable product with less risk of contamination. The portfolio will be complete this year with the release of 2g and 3g.
• DRICARD™: The new line of blue Dricard boasts double thickness, which allows for twice the moisture adsorption capacity across the same sized product. It also enables 80% less ink to be used, providing an important sustainability benefit.

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