Texte Alternatif

A partnership involving Sabic’s deep materials knowledge, Jinming’s equipment manufacturing excellence and Bolsas’ converting will provide an outlet to test and validate performance of Sabic polyolefin resin products including polyethylene resin offerings from Gulf Coast Growth Ventures (GCGV) and from Trucircle™ Sabic’s commitment to circularity for plastics. The collaborative efforts will feature installation of Jinming’s multilayer coextrusion machinery at Bolsas’ Mexico facility.

“The current partnership with Jinming and Bolsas holds great promise to tap into mutual capabilities and adapt global trends in flexible packaging applications to regional needs,” explained Waleed Al-Shalfan, vice president Polymers Technology & Innovation. Guillermo Lopez Orozco, Founder and CEO of Bolsas de los Altos, added: “The installation of multilayer coextrusion equipment at our Mexico facility was made possible through our collaborative partnership with Jinming and SABIC, and will allow us to target several new applications including long term sustainability trends in this space.”

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