5 octobre 22

Saperatec, Wentus and Henkel develop a circular flexible packaging prototype

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSaperatec, a developer of recycling processes for composite packaging comprised of various materials, will debut a fully circular flexible packaging prototype based on its multi-layer delamination technique at the K Fair Trade Show, October 19-26 in Düsseldorf. At Hall 9, Stand D17 – a booth shared with prominent machinery manufacturer Pla.to GmbH – Saperatec engineers will showcase and discuss a detergent package which, at 35% post-consumer recycled content (PCR), meets goals proposed for the pending EU Directive on Packaging & Packaging Waste.

3 octobre 22

Silgan Dispensing extends its Pirouette™ technology at Luxe Pack Monaco

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSilgan Dispensing will be showcasing its wide range of prestige dispensing solutions at Luxe Pack Monaco. The company is also debuting Aspire® Pirouette™ - the latest addition to its fragrance screw pump portfolio - to provide sustainable packaging solutions to the lifestyle market.

30 septembre 22

New partnership between Mondi and Heiber+Schröder to launch a new machine for eCommerce

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifMondi has worked on an innovative collaboration with German machine producer Heiber + Schröder to create a high-speed automated packaging machine that meets the process, efficiency and safety requirements of eCommerce fulfilment operations.

29 septembre 22

OQ unveils flexible packaging with series of multilayer solutions

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTo meet market expectations regarding flexible packaging, OQ has developed a portfolio of film packaging solutions designed for a wide range of film extrusion applications, including PP, LLDPE and HDPE grades, that are able to meet these essential requirements, providing consistent quality, performance with competitive costs. This portfolio includes several innovative and reliable multilayer food packaging solutions.

28 septembre 22

SHI introduces a new servo pump for packaging sector

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAlongside the world premiere of the new packaging machine PAC-E at K 2022, German machine manufacturer Sumitomo (SHI) Demag will further demonstrate its sector expertise by presenting the new El-Exis SP 420 Servo. Combining the performance characteristics of the El-Exis SP models, the range’s latest advancement introduces a servo pump and completely closed toggle lever, resulting in high energy savings and improved cleanliness for manufacturers of packaging solutions.

26 septembre 22

Essentra Tapes unveils a new sheet-fed applicator technology

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifEssentra Tapes, a market leader in the production of packaging tape solutions that open, close, inform, and protect, expanded its ability to serve the paper and board industry with the launch of its new SF-AS DH1 sheet fed applicator. The brand-new tape applicator system was developed by Essentra Tapes’ in-house team of experts and facilitates efficient tape application in the sheet-fed manufacturing process.

23 septembre 22

Walki starts as a distributor and converter for Paptic® materials

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifPaptic and Walki Group have announced their strategic distribution and converting partnership today. Walki is the first exclusive distributor for the Paptic® materials. This agreement iterates companies’ willingness to drive growth and build stronger relationships with customers globally. Walki and Paptic share a strong sustainability mindset, which served as the basis of the collaboration.

21 septembre 22

Mondi invests in new R&D centre at Mondi Steinfeld

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifMondi is investing around €5 million in a new research and development (R&D) facility at Mondi Steinfeld, in Germany. This investment will support customers by helping them to develop solutions that achieve their sustainability goals.

20 septembre 22

Scodix and Müller Korea form packaging-focused partnership

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifScodix, provider of digital embellishment solutions for the graphic arts industry, announced the signing of a new partnership agreement with Müller Korea, facilitating Müller’s distribution of Scodix solutions in South Korea. Founded in 2019, Müller Korea is a dynamic distributor of Muller Martini, Kolbus, Prati, MBO group, Bograma and mps.

14 septembre 22

Milliken launches production at world-class clarifier plant

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe recent launch of production at Milliken & Company’s impressive, new clarifier plant in Blacksburg, South Carolina, will enhance access to the Millad® NX® 8000 additive for customers worldwide. This facility will enable Milliken, a global manufacturer of plastic additives and colorants, to meet increasing demand for these products well into the future.

13 septembre 22

technotrans presents innovative thermal management solutions for the plastics industry

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe specialist for thermal management solutions technotrans will present at k Trade Fair 2022 innovative products for the plastics processing industry. Among these products is a series of highly efficient refrigeration units with frequency-controlled rotary screw compressors, which will be showcased for the very first time as well as an AI-based process data monitoring system.

12 septembre 22

Partnership between Gerresheimer and Stevanato for a ready-to-use vial platform

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifGerresheimer, a leading global provider of healthcare & beauty and drug delivery systems for pharma, biotech and cosmetics and Stevanato Group, a global provider of drug containment, drug delivery and diagnostic solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences industries announce that they have jointly developed a high-end Ready-To-Use (RTU) solution platform with an initial focus on vials, based on Stevanato Group's market-leading EZ-fill® technology.

8 septembre 22

Rigid plastics to drive Japan packaging market according GlobalData

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe Japanese packaging market is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.5% from 171.7 billion units in 2021 to 185.1 billion units in 2026. Rigid plastics, which accounted for the maximum share of 33.1% in 2021, will continue to dominate through the forecast period, according to GlobalData. Its latest report* reveals that flexible packaging and rigid metal accounted for shares of 23.3% and 21.5%, respectively, in 2021.

5 septembre 22

PX Group awarded O&M contract by Renew ELP at world’s first commercial scale plastic recycling plant

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifPX Group, the owner of Saltend Chemicals Park and operator of several critical energy infrastructure sites in the UK and Europe, has been awarded a 10-year Operations & Maintenance (O&M) contract by ReNew ELP at the world’s first commercial scale plastic recycling plant.

2 septembre 22

Aptar Pharma acquires Metaphase Design Group

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAptar Pharma, a global leader in drug delivery and active material science solutions and services, announced that it has acquired Metaphase Design Group, Inc., a leader in applying the science of human factors engineering and ergonomics to product design. The acquisition expands Aptar Pharma’s portfolio of services as well as the business’s ability to become a single source provider to its pharmaceutical and biotech customers throughout their drug development journey.

31 août 22

Tipa collaborates with Aquapak for new innovative circular materials

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifCollaboration between Tipa and Aquapak Polymers sees the creation of new material packaging solutions fit for the circular economy, a high barrier and PVDC-free compostable film for packaging.

Syntegon presents new service agreements

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAt this year’s Achema, Syntegon will present redesigned Service Agreement packages for effective asset and maintenance management at fixed costs.

A breakthrough delamination approach to composite packaging recycling

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSaperatec, a developer of recycling processes for composite packaging comprised of various materials, will highlight a groundbreaking multi-layer delamination approach at the K Fair Trade Show, in Düsseldorf.

Essentra Packaging Leeuwarden advances its strategic investment program

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifWith a new Heidelberg CX104 6-L-UV press in its production facility, Essentra Packaging Leeuwarden has strengthened its extensive investment program for 2021-2022.

DENMARK: A full line of plant-based polymer additives

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifPalsgaard will showcase at K 2022, Düsseldorf, Germany, its Einar® sustainable additives which serve as highly effective anti-fog and anti-static surfactants, dispersing aids, weathering modifiers, EPS coatings and mold release agents.

ITALY: Single glass vial series

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAfter the Penelope and Marina series, Baralan launches its Claudette Large Series, a new line of slim and cylindrical glass bottles, ideal for differentiating makeup and skincare products.

Suntory study: consumers stop throwing away plastic bottles in seven weeks

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatif88% of consumers would adapt in seven weeks to a deposit system with reimbursement, according to the study “Deposit Return Schemes: What’s in Store?” from Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I, makers of Lucozade and Ribena.

30 août 22

Leonhard Kurz and Scribos present the digital product passport

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAt Fachpack 2022, Leonhard Kurz will be presenting a special highlight, which was created in cooperation with its subsidiaries Scribos and Kurz Digital Solutions: The Digital Product Passport. It contains all details about the respective product, such as environmental indicators (CO2 balance, resources consumed, recyclability), and also information on product quality, production conditions, repair options, and spare parts.

29 août 22

Coveris will showcase new plastic and paper-based packaging at FachPack 2022

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifCoveris Group will be introducing a new range of sustainable innovations supporting its industry-leading No Waste vision at FachPack 2022. Targeting shelf-life extension and packaging waste reduction, Coveris will showcase a comprehensive range of both plastic and paper-based solutions that meet these criteria.

26 août 22

KM Packaging appoints Frances Busby as Managing Director

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifGlobal flexible packaging and lidding films supplier KM Packaging announced the appointment of Frances Busby in the role of Managing Director. Former MD Charles Smithson said: "Frances and KM have shared values of trust, ownership, passion, and innovation. And during her very successful career, Frances has accumulated immense experience in highly customer-focused businesses.”

25 août 22

Constantia Flexibles to acquire FFP Packaging Solutions

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifConstantia Flexibles has signed an agreement to acquire 100 % of FFP Packaging Solutions, a leading player for sustainable, flexible packaging in the consumer market from Northampton, UK. The acquisition earns Constantia Flexibles the first consumer plant in the UK and is an addition to its portfolio.

25 juillet 22

Sabic launches blockchain pilot project with several partners

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSabic has launched a pilot project with technology company Finboot, advanced recycling pioneer Plastic Energy, and packaging specialist Intraplás to investigate the possibilities of blockchain technology in supporting end-to-end digital traceability of circular feedstock in customer products.

19 juillet 22

Achema 2022: Syntegon showcases innovative solutions for processing liquid pharmaceuticals

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAt this year’s Achema in Frankfurt, Syntegon will present new solutions for the filling of liquid pharmaceuticals, promoting the Versynta FFP (Flexible Filling Platform). With the new, modular FFP, the company offers an individually configurable machine for aseptic small batch filling, including high potent and BSL (Bio-Safety Level) pharmaceuticals.

18 juillet 22

CCL Label develops a PET recycling label innovation

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifCCL Label, the world’s largest converter of pressure sensitive and extruded film materials for decorative, functional and information labels, has unveiled a new generation of their EcoStream® labels that support the recycling of PET bottles at a very high-quality level. They are made from floating low-density polyolefin material that separates very easily from the heavier PET flakes in the sink/float process step at the sorter and recycler – which results in the yield of clean PET flakes that can be recycled back into new bottles, closing the loop.

13 juillet 22

H.B. Fuller Partners with Enimac to strengthen e-commerce packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifH.B. Fuller Company announced that it has entered a strategic partnership in North America with Enimac, an international tape application equipment manufacturer that serves over 100 customers in more than 30 countries. The agreement brings together specialists from both companies, who effectively combine their market and application expertise with advanced knowledge on pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes to support the growing e-commerce packaging industry.