2 février 23

Schubert Packaging Automation appoints Dominik Streicher as CEO

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSchubert North America, a supplier of top loading packaging machines (TLM), announced that Dominik Streicher has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of its Canadian entity, Schubert Packaging Automation in Mississauga, Ontario. Dominik Streicher is joining Schubert Packaging Automation from Gerhard Schubert, the headquarters of the Schubert group, located in Crailsheim, Germany. He joined Schubert in 2000 and has gained more than ten years of valuable experience in electrical engineering, before taking on his management career in sales and project management.

31 janvier 23

TotalEnergies and Intraplás collaborate for drop-in packaging solutions from renewable sources

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTotalEnergies and Intraplás are collaborating to bring sustainable solutions to the packaging market, without compromising on performance and food safety. Intraplás is launching commercial products using TotalEnergies RE:newable polymer – a range of the RE:clic portfolio – coming from renewable sourcing therefore allowing for a substantial reduction of the final product’s carbon footprint.

27 janvier 23

Romaco Noak launches new Unity 600 blister packaging line

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifRomaco Noack has expanded its state-of-the-art Unity family with the Unity 600 blister packaging line. he new technology leads the way in terms of sustainability, process reliability and performance. The heart of this monobloc is the innovative transfer unit, which is not only designed for much higher cycle numbers, but also provides more format flexibility as well as better traceability and energy efficiency.

20 janvier 23

Airnov will launch new IDC® at Pharmapack

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAirnov Healthcare Packaging, a global leader in controlled atmosphere packaging, has launched a brand-new advanced solution which promises to provide substantial benefits to the pharmaceutical industry.

18 janvier 23

Cervejas de Moçambique realizes a returnable glass line in Africa with KHS

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifIn 2011, Cervejas de Moçambique (CDM) launched one of the first commercial cassava beers in Africa to market under the brand name of Impala. 70% of the starch used comes from the root vegetable instead of from wheat or barley malt. Thanks to a lower tax rate, the new beer can be sold for about 30% less than the usual price.

13 janvier 23

Sabic and Cabka collaborate to create next generation transport packaging solution

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSabic and Cabka have collaborated to launch the CabCube 4840 – the next generation in foldable large containers. Cabka were aware that Sabic is a PP compound market leader and a pioneer in offering sustainable, circular solutions from their TruCircle™ portfolio. Cabka approached Sabic, looking for a 100% recyclable lightweight polymer material solution to produce their CabCube 4840. Within less than six months, an extremely rapid timeframe for such an initiative, the two companies had collaborated to develop several high-performance PP compounds.

5 janvier 23

TriMas Packaging’s launches a new range of aseptic tethered caps for the European beverage industry

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifJanuary 2023: The European Union’s Single-Use Plastics Directive will come into effect in July 2024. Specifically, it seeks to reduce the environmental impact caused by single-use plastic products. Plastic caps and lids will be required to remain attached to beverage containers of up to 3 liters in volume. Affaba & Ferrari™, a TriMas Packaging brand, offers a range of tethered caps designed to remain permanently attached to the bottle after opening and during use – preventing unintended environmental waste caused by discarded caps.

4 janvier 23

Digital printing: Coesia acquires Amaco

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifCoesia, through its subsidiary Hapa, has closed the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of Amaco, a leading provider of digital printing solutions for the medical packaging industry. With a wide network of over 1,700 customers and partners, and over 2,100 field installations in 97 countries all around the world, Amaco has been able to provide value added solution for 40 years.

3 janvier 23

Airnov enlarges portfolio with a new and innovative addition

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifLaunched in July 2022, HAT-B is the Airnov Healthcare Packaging’s latest innovative vial, an active and ergonomic flip-top container designed to protect test strips, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals from moisture. To meet a variety of needs, moisture protection is integrated as a raw desiccant at the bottom of the tube.

2 janvier 23

Herma launches new label stock for enhanced recycling

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifWith a view to optimizing the recycling of board and paper, Herma has responded to this finding by developing a new range of adhesives and corresponding self-adhesive materials. The distinguishing feature of the logistics and other labels produced with the new label stock is that contamination caused by the adhesive during recycling is practically ruled out. The company has now successfully completed the certification procedure of the research institute PTS for five self-adhesive materials – label materials including the adhesive. The only condition imposed by the PTS certificates is that the mass of the label stock cannot exceed 25% of the total mass of the box.

22 décembre 22

ExxonMobil doubles polypropylene production at Baton Rouge

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifExxonMobil announced the successful startup of its new polypropylene production unit at the Polyolefins Plant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The unit increases polypropylene production capacity along the Gulf Coast by 450,000 metric tons per year, meeting growing demand for high-performance, lightweight and durable plastics, particularly for automotive parts that can improve fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions.

21 décembre 22

Italian packaging machinery industry: 2022 revenues remain stable despite component supply delays

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe Italian packaging machinery manufacturers’ total turnover remains stable at around €8 billion. According to preliminary figures compiled by the MECS – Ucima (Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers’ Association) Research Centre, the sector reported overall revenues of €7.986 million in 2022, 3% down on 2021. This figure is slightly higher than the result for the pandemic year 2020 and slightly lower than that of 2019.

20 décembre 22

Hovione and GEA announce a strategic collaboration to advance continuous tableting

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifHovione and GEA announced a strategic collaboration to advance continuous tableting. This partnership stemmed from a successful customer-supplier relationship spanning several years. It combines GEA´s engineering expertise with Hovione´s development and manufacturing experience and both parties commit to partner to accelerate the adoption of continuous tableting technology.

16 décembre 22

px Group launches world’s first commercial-scale plastic recycling plant

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte Alternatifpx Group, the owner of Saltend Chemicals Park and operator of several critical energy infrastructure sites in the UK and Europe, has announced that they are now recruiting for over 30 new roles in Teesside. This latest recruitment drive is part of their 10-year operations and maintenance contract on a project with ReNew ELP, a subsidiary of Mura Technology.

13 décembre 22

Xaar opens new inkjet printing laboratory in China

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifXaar has opened a state-of-the-art inkjet printing laboratory in Shenzhen, China, comprising the latest printhead test equipment and print process experimentation platforms. Utilising its own printheads, ink recirculation system and fluids, Xaar will collaborate with leading local electronics companies to achieve synergy across the industry supply chain.

6 décembre 22

Flexible film packaging: new partnership between Sabic, Jinming and Bolsas

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSabic has teamed up with Guangdong Jinming Machinery, a plastic packaging equipment manufacturer and Bolsas de los Altos, a leading plastic film and packaging converter to support growth of polyolefin based innovative applications in the flexible packaging segment. By exchanging mutual expertise on polymer technology and processing, this collaboration will secure the development of a robust applications pipeline based on current and future market trends.

5 décembre 22

Acquisition by Matteo Moretti of the interest in Lumson held by FSI SGR

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifMatteo Moretti and FSI SGR announce the purchase by Matteo Moretti, through the family holding company, of the entire interest in Lumson held by FSI SGR on behalf of the fund "FSI I", after four years of strong development together.

2 décembre 22

Airnov unveiled several innovations at CPHI India 2022

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAirnov Healthcare Packaging, a global leader in controlled atmosphere packaging, has surpassed five years of manufacturing at its production facility in India. The plant, located in Cuddalore which sits south of Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is operated by a workforce of around 40 dedicated employees and is ISO 9001 and ISO 15378.

29 novembre 22

A new training concept at Schubert

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifWith the inauguration of a modern training centre in Crailsheim, packaging machine manufacturer Schubert is laying the foundation for the expansion and relaunch of its training concept. To this end, the Schubert training team will be working closely with customers to develop new formats and content that are even more closely aligned with customer needs.

25 novembre 22

Oerlemans Packaging Group intends acquiring activities Adriaan Dekker paper industry

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifOerlemans Packaging Group intends to take over the activities of Papierindustrie Adriaan Dekker. The decision to initiate preparations for the takeover was officially ratified by Vincent Tol (managing director Adriaan Dekker) and Joan Hanegraaf (CEO Oerlemans Packaging Group) Monday, November 7th. The intention is to move the activities from Wormer to Rijssen, the Netherlands, at Stempher Packaging Industry.

23 novembre 22

RMGroup’s bagging and palletising solutions help optimise J&J Currie’s workflow

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifLeading packaging and robotic automation company, RMGroup, has supplied bagging and palletising solutions to Dumfries-based building materials and aggregates supplier, J&J Currie. The investments, which were made to increase efficiencies and reduce labour costs, included a MB-400 manual bagging machine and a robot palletiser, followed by a BB-215 bulk bagging machine.

22 novembre 22

Rieke® invests in digital printer to increase print capacity

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifRieke, part of TriMas Packaging, specialized in the development and manufacturing of injection molded dispensing systems and caps and closures, has added a multi-color inkjet digital printer to expand its print offering on a range of their caps and closures. Installed at Rieke’s U.S. headquarters in Auburn, Indiana, the high-speed industrial inkjet printer will provide increased print capacity, faster speeds, energy savings and an overall higher quality print.

21 novembre 22

Virospack launches fully recyclable droppers made with PCR materials

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAs the cosmetics market is committed to sustainability, Virospack has been dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint or the production. The company unveils a range of 100% recyclable droppers, made with PCR materials, or what is the same, post- consumer recycled.

8 novembre 22

Sabic and Japan Steel Works collaborate on Sabic’s TF-BOPE resin for flexible packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSabic has announced that The Japan Steel Works (JSW) has validated the use of Sabic® LLDPE BX202, a linear low-density polyethylene resin specially developed for processing on tenter frame extrusion equipment for biaxially oriented PE (TF-BOPE) packaging film. The value chain collaboration endorses the use of Sabic’s TF-BOPE material on JSW film lines, extends the machine supplier’s footprint into the BOPE film market for flexible packaging.

7 novembre 22

Walki Group strengthen its foothold in Central Europe by acquiring folian

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifWalki Group has signed a definitive agreement to acquire 100 % of the shares in folian. Since 1999, the family-owned company has been providing forward-looking flexible packaging solutions for blue chip brands in the food industry. The company specializes in the production of high-quality converted flexibles using flexographic printing and other downstream finishing services. In 2021, folian generated sales of EUR 27 million. Employing some 94 employees, folian is located in Stralsund, Germany.

2 novembre 22

Bormioli Pharma and Pierre Fabre develop a 100% recycled PET packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifBormioli Pharma - international leader in the production of containers for the pharmaceutical industry, and Pierre Fabre, a French pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic group present in more than 100 countries, have developed an innovative 100% recycled PET packaging for the mouthwashes of the Eludril® brand, one of the European leaders in oral care in the pharmacy channel.

31 octobre 22

At K 2022, Starlinger focuses on reducing resource consumption

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe most important exhibition for the international plastics industry has been a success for the Vienna-based machine manufacturing company. “This year’s K show has been sensational for us. Everybody is happy to get together personally and talk about the developments in the sector after all the restrictions due to the pandemic”, said Hermann Adrigan, Head of Sales at Starlinger, summing up the exhibition.

27 octobre 22

KM Packaging launch sustainable lidding film range

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifGlobal flexible packaging supplier KM Packaging is launching a range of sustainable lidding film solutions for the Australian market. The range is designed to help customers meet their commitments to the National Packaging Targets, the implementation of which is being led by the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO).

20 octobre 22

Octapharma goes for Schreiner MediPharm automatic dispensing system

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSemi-automatic dispensing systems are ideally suited for labeling only a small number or different kinds of containers fast and at consistent levels of quality. The automated application solution from Schreiner MediPharm has now convinced healthcare company Octapharma. The long-standing customer of the Schreiner MediPharm business unit that specializes in healthcare solutions uses the automated labeling system for marking its smallest batches of vials and bottles flexibly, efficiently, and reliably.

19 octobre 22

At Pack Expo Chicago, Robopac and OCME will showcase a plenty of innovation

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAt next Pack Expo International in Chicago – USA (23-26 October 2022), Robopac and OCME will exhibit the most innovative, tested and reliable end-of-line packaging solutions that the Group has created to effectively meet the needs of different product sectors.